Some Popular faces of Parkinson’s in Nepal

Beloved Nepalese singer Late Tara Devi, who sang about patriotism and love suffered from Parkinson’s disease, which lead her to quit her career when she became unable to speak freely and move properly.


Late Ambar Gurung

Legendary composer who also composed Nepali national anthem and lyricist as well as a singer Ambar Gurung suffered from diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.


Madan Krishna Shrestha

Nepal’s renowned actor/comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease eight years ago, and he has got DBS.

Dr. Mohan Man Saiju


Dr. Sainju is a former Vice Chairperson of the National Planning Commission (NPC) and Nepal’s Ambassador to the United States. He has also served as the Vice Chairperson of the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) and as Executive Chairperson of IIDS. He has been living with Parkinson’s disease

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