Parkinson’s disease advocacy in Nepal

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 26, Banita Khanal was shocked to discover that there were no Parkinson’s support groups in her country, Nepal. Faced with poor economic resources, widespread ignorance of the condition and a blockade on medication from the Indian government, Banita recalls how she overcame these tough challenges to take matters into her own hands – and set up Nepal’s first ever Parkinson’s support group 

When she organized the first ever Run For Parkinson’s in Nepal for raising awareness about this disease she met Mr. Munal Subedi, lecturer of microbiology. Mr. Subedi, a parkinson’s patient himself was inspired of whatever Banita was doing for Parkinson’s in Nepal. Therefore he decided to start his own organization for Parkinson’s disease in Nepal. He has started an association called Nepalese Parkinson’s Disease Association.




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