My Diagnosis – Madan Krishna Shrestha


I was in the shooting of a film named “Hasideu ekfera”, I felt a mild pain in my waist. It didnt go for sometime. Then I called a doctor. He prescribed me a painkiller, but it didnt help. I was again in Nepalgunj that I noticed a pain in my right hand.  One of my friend did a massage for me but it didnt help. I noticed it was less painful if I raise my hand but again the pain was extreme if I put my hand down. I did physiotherapy, went to lots of other places, nothing helped. A neurosurgeon prescribed me for a neck surgery. My body stopped paining but I started feeling some discomfort while sitting in car. I started having hard time while walking. I started dragging my legs while walking. Then I visited a neurologist in Kathmandu Model Hospital. He had a look at me and my movements and diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease.

That time I didnt know what exactly is Parkinson’s disease.


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