M2M Challenge

A record of Mechi to Mahakali (M2M Challenge) ride in 22.28 hours has been set by a Royal Enfielder Mr. Pramod Shrestha “goofy”. In this ride, he used his 22 years old Royal Enfield, which he named “Kanchi”. In the beginning the challenge was to complete the ride in 24 hours but the ride was completed before 24 hours. The ride started on 21st June 2017 from the Kakarvitta gate at 8:00 am, passed through the Mahendra Highway and ended on 22nd June 2017 at Gaddachauki, Mahendranagar at 6:28 am. The ride not just set the record but also raised awareness about Parkinson’s disease and promoted drive tourism in Nepal.

Ms. Banita Khanal, a Parkinson’s disease patient and an activist followed Goofy all the way in a car from Mechi to Mahakali. She shared her experience and distributed flyers about parkinson’s disease in each and every stop. Altogether, there were 6 participants who supported to make this challenge happen. Mr. Sunil Diamond followed Goofy on his own Royal Enfiled, Mr. Abhinash Shrestha and Mr. Bijay Dhital drove the support car, Mr Subhash joined the group as a mechanic.

Since the ride also promoted drive tourism in Nepal, a signed certificate was handed to Mr Goofy by Nepal Tourism Board. Nepal Tourism Board also called a press meeting in the starting and ending venue. Many newspaper and online portals covered the event. Different riders club in the highway welcomed the team heartily and also organized Parkinson’s awareness program.

After completing his Mustang Ride, Pramod thought of attempting his dream ride of Mechi to Mahakali soon. Though he was all prepared for it but he felt something was missing and the missing part was the “Cause”. He wanted to include some cause to his challenge so that he can also fulfill his social responsibility. Thus, he talked with Banita Khanal. After short discussion, they agreed upon and started the preparation.

Everest Bank Ltd. Agreed to fund for the T shirts, Buddha Airways agreed to provide two flights ticket for Ms. Khanal. NASA and NMF supported by doing all press work and Dugar group provided some fund.

The Royal Enfield was all set to go for the challenge. Early in the morning on 19th June 2017, Pramod started his Kanchi and left the Himalayan Enfilders workshop and headed towards Kakadvitta. He reached Kakatvitta at 10 pm that day. On 20th June 2017, a Parkinson’s awareness program was done in the Nepal Tourism Board, Kakadvitta.

Setting a record is challenging the nature. Pramod Shrestha challenged the nature and completed the east to west ride in 22.28 hours. By setting this record he has provided one more activity that can be carried out every year by one Royal Enfield rider. He/she can attempt the same kind of ride and challenge the record set by Goofy.

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